Effectively Gauging the Quality of a Casino Bonus

Online casinos have become a huge hit, allowing people from all strata of society to partake in fun gambling activities without even leaving the comfort of their homes. Unlike luxury casinos, where the ambience can deter a possible customer, online casinos are user-friendly. Customers can put in a minimum deposit and start playing. This is a great draw for people who want a bit of gambling entertainment. And best of all, most online casinos give out huge bonuses regularly for both new and returning customers.

However, how do you gauge the quality of a bonus on offer in an online casino? The basic idea behind deciding how good a bonus is should be its accessibility to the user. Without the user being able to actually use the online casino bonus to play further, it is of no use to anyone. While many casinos actually deliver on their promises, some design bonuses which does not really help customers have a better experience.

We can see how some bonuses can be better than others in reality while appearing to be quite the opposite through an illustration. Let us take three casinos as examples. We’ll call them Casino A, Casino B, and Casino C. Suppose these three casinos offer three different bonuses. Casino A offers a 100% bonus up to £500, Casino B offers a 400% bonus up to £800, and Casino C offers a 200% bonus up to £200. At first sight, it appears that the order of the bonus quality would be B, C, and A. However, the wagering requirements and the minimum deposit required plays a huge role in determining the actual bonus quality.

In this case, the wagering requirements for Casinos A, B, and C are 40, 40, and 60 respectively. This means that while Casino A provides a return of £500 on a deposit of £500, and Casino B gives a return of £800 on a deposit of £200, Casino C falls behind by offering only £200 on a deposit of £100! The tables turn and the casinos’ bonus quality is actually ranked as B, A, and C! In fact, Casino C’s bonus is actually a pretty bad deal. The quality of a bonus should be determined not just by the percentage stated, but mainly on the wagering requirements.

Let us be honest. The real purpose of casinos in offering bonuses is not to reward you but to ensure more business. This in itself is not a bad thing, but you need to be practical and understand the intricacies of how the bonus systems work before signing up for one. It is important to do complete research before spending money in the hope of getting bonuses. Check out the FAQ, the help section, and talk on online forums on the subject to get information about the best bonuses. Find out and compare the different bonuses offered by different casinos before depositing your money.

It is ultimately a business for casinos and they have to make money in order to provide services. But as a customer, you too have to enjoy your experience and make some money in order to receive satisfaction. The online casino bonuses are an aid to enhancing your casino experience. However, it is wise to know all the details before putting in money anywhere.