Free of charge Big- Super- and Mega Spins

You have surely heard of casino free spins: the bonus codes that enable you to play a round of a particular casino game without paying a penny for it. Free spins can be used for all kinds of casino games, including roulette and fruit machines (also known as reel games or online video slots).

Did you know that there are different types of free spins?

Not all types of free spins at your favourite casino are alike. Some free spins are worth more than others, and it is worthwhile snapping up the most lucrative free spin bonuses wherever you can. Here are the three main types of free spins that you will come across on a regular basis in the world of online gambling.

  1. Regular free spins
    These types of free spins are usually played with the games’ lowest available wagering option (£0,1-£0,2). It is usually pretty easy to find regular free spin bonuses in online casinos.
  2. Super spins
    These spins are also known as Big Spins. Super spins are free spins worth between £1 and £2. If you have a choice between regular free spins and super spins, it is potentially more lucrative to choose the latter as you get more spins for your money and thus a bigger chance of winning.
  3. Mega spins
    Mega Spins are the most attractive types of free spins of them all. These are free spins that are worth £3 or more.

Please note that the names of the three types of free spins described above have become pretty well established conventions. Nevertheless, how a particular free spin bonus is described is always up to an individual casino. A casino is able to describe a free spin bonus work £1 as a ‘mega spin’ if they wish to (though it is unlikely, given that, as already mentioned, the conventions regarding the naming of free spin bonuses have become pretty well entrenched). Thus, it is always advisable to double check the value of a free spin bonus before using it and not to simply rely on its name alone.

What are no wager free spins?

No wager free spins, also known as no deposit free spins, are a specific type of free spin bonus. Whilst gamblers can often only take advantage of regular, super and mega free spin bonuses if they first deposit a certain amount at the casino in question, no deposit free spins do not have this requirement. In order to use a no wager free spin bonus, you simply need to insert the bonus code and you’re ready to go: no deposit needed. Many online gamblers consider wager free mega free spin bonuses to be one of the most attractive types of online casino bonuses around.

How to get casino free spins

In order to take advantage of as many free spin bonuses as possible, it is crucial to keep your eyes well peeled. Many free spin bonuses are only available for a limited amount of time and the bonus codes can come with expiry dates so that you need to use them within a certain time window. Nevertheless, this is a very popular type of bonus for casinos to offer, and you do not need to look very hard to find free spin bonuses available online. Check out your favourite casino websites and you are sure to find them among the bonuses on offer, or simply do an internet search for ‘mega free spins’ or ‘no deposit free spins’. These bonuses almost always come in the form of a bonus code which you type in to the casino website in order to have those extra spins magically appear in your account. Sometimes, however, the free spins will appear in your account when you take a particular action, such as making a deposit over a certain value.

Snap up those free spin bonuses wherever you see them

Have fun using those free spin bonuses. Regular spins are great but if you can find some mega spins during your online travels, you really have hit the jackpot when it comes to casino bonuses. Things get even better if you can find a no deposit free spin bonus. Always make sure to check the terms and conditions of any bonuses that you are thinking of using so that you can be certain that they are worth it.