Let’s Talk About Mobile Casino Apps and Getting your Bonus on The Go

The advent of the internet brought with it a new prospect for casinos – online games. Since the 1980s when the online casino became a reality, gamblers have continued to enjoy increasing convenience due to the growth of technology. The mobile casino is one such offering. Since the iPhone opened up the market in 2007, the smartphone industry has grown dramatically. People now use their hand-held devices for pretty much everything, including playing casino games. It was only logical for the casino industry to capitalise on the increased use of mobile websites and apps. Almost half the individuals who play at online casinos do so from their mobile devices. The growth spurt of the UK mobile casino is inevitable in the following several years given the pace at which consumers use it.

Faster Internet, More Growth

When the online casino arrived, players had to settle for the slow internet that their PCs could accommodate. In the past decade or so, internet speeds have increased at a dizzying pace, not to mention access now covers broader region than before. When people could get Wi-Fi in the homes, offices and even public places, smartphones became the new norm. Because internet users did not have to be tethered to a wired connection, the use of mobile devices became that more convenient. It led to the growth of numerous tools, among them real money mobile apps.

Players have the opportunity to log into their favourite casinos and play for real money from anywhere. The mobility that hand-held devices allow is one of the biggest contributors to the growth of the mobile casino in the UK and across the globe. Mobile players have flexibility – they can play while on the train, in bed or even the park. With a stable internet connection and your android casino app, a smartphone allows you to do pretty much anything.

Increased Processing Power

Another element that has enabled mobile casinos to get to where they are is the high processing power that devices enjoy. The processing capacity of a smartphone determines how much data it can process. Hand-held devices are capable of processing copious loads of data at great speeds. This capability has made it possible to compress websites into mobile versions without degrading their data. Casinos are now able to give mobile players as many features as their desktop counterparts. From mobile casino bonus selections to slots and card games, the choices are limitless.

The Mobile Experience

Casinos have to make playing on mobile as exciting as playing on desktop, which is not an easy feat. Hand-held devices have the challenge of small screens. Trying to play slot games from your iPhone casino app on a 5″ inch screen is not the same as from a 17″ TFT. Desktops provide significant playing space, which mobile versions try to make up for by creating intelligent platforms. Casinos have made mobile gaming possible is compact features as much as possible without compromising the quality of the games.

Games that are not very complicated in design like baccarat, blackjack and poker are easy to replicate on mobile. Slots can, however, present a challenge. Virtual dealers are one way that casinos have tried to capture the excitement of different games. With a virtual dealer on one side making calls, a poker game on mobile feels more realistic. By allowing players to chat among themselves, casinos have reduced the loneliness of playing on a hand-held device. Casinos also try to recreate the environment in a real casino by laying out the tables and slots in a way that players can enjoy.

Virtual reality has also contributed to the bludgeoning mobile casino UK. The generation of smartphones coming out are equipped with some form of VR that makes playing on an iPhone or android casino app more engaging. Virtual reality provides an immersive experience like walking through tables to pick where to play blackjack without moving from your couch. However, VR technology still has some work to do to achieve its full potential, but the future is promising.

Mobile casino operators also provide customers with payment methods on the same platform. Smartphones and tablets have robust security that facilitates financial transactions without too many risks. The same deposit and withdrawal methods provided on desktops are available for mobile, which makes it easy to pick the most unsuitable one.

The mobile casino industry has enjoyed massive popularity over the last few years. With the technological advances of smartphones and tablets, operators are providing customers with real money casino apps on Android and iOS. By optimising casinos for mobile, operators are able to provide their customers with flexibility and convenience.